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A delicious fusion of science, technolOgy, and art



what we're about

1 Part creative studio
1 part media Lab
1 Part brewery (sorta)

We're a team of artists, producers, thinkers, doers, scientists and tech minds on a mission to build beautiful solutions for your unique challenges. Spawned from the tight-knit, dynamic creative team at MBI in Boston, "The Lab" was built from decades of our collective practical experiences – to not just build websites, brands, and everything else you can think of, but explore our curiosities through research-led experiments that bend (and sometimes break) the lines between science, technology and art.

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what we do

Brands, videos, websites, presentations, animations – yes, we do all of that.  

More importantly, we help you figure out the best way to visually tell your story. (Also beer. We’re always working on some new beer as well. More on what's currently brewing below.) 

What drives us?  Science and technology are awesome. Figuring out new and beautiful ways of communicating cutting-edge ideas gets us out of bed in the morning. And actually creating materials and media that showcase new tech being implemented, or some brand new concept that no one knows about yet but totally should because it’s amazingly cool - well, we could do that all day. 

Which…we do, actually. 

Check out some of our favorite projects below!


what's brewin'
 in the Lab


new brew! visit US for a sample!


  Drop us a line below if you'd like to join a brewing session, And Learn more about our brewing partners at


Check out the new website our @theLAB_atMBI team has crafted for our most recent company launch @gotham_tx


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